Update 1


In view of the lateness of the confirmation that the event is going ahead it has been decided that the fee will be held at $100. 



If the event has to be cancelled for any COVID related problem then a full refund will be given.  If an individual has to cancel due to a COVID related requirement (proof has to be provided) a full refund of monies paid will be given.   A reminder that if anyone is feeling unwell or has symptoms they should get tested and not attend until proper clearance is given from us.


When Groups are planning your travel to Caringal you should plan to arrive as one Group.  Meet up in Moe (Maccas is always a good spot) and then travel to the camp as a Group.  More details of this in future updates


Absolutely no trailers of any size, shape or design - including kitchen trailers - will be allowed on camping grounds.  Due to distancing rules space is at a premium.  We will give details of parking arrangements for trailers in a future update but Groups will have to plan to be without them